Own up to yourself. Don’t hide behind mis-truths, it creates more work for everyone in the end. Be honest with yourself and the rest will follow.
Consider the long term: in your work, relationships, self-care, sacrifice, skills–what decisions will result in lasting, depending fruition? Consider this when you approach your work with Lyra.
By Value, we mean that everyone is human, and has some gift to offer. If you dismiss others or yourself, you lack imagination and are missing out on a gift. Get creative, see the potential in
those you’re working with.
Is there a process you think you could support? Could you make someone else’s life easier, improve their process with a tip or tool? In the spirit of generosity and excellence, support those you work with in doing their jobs better. Remember: Support means allowing others to do their own jobs the way they want, not how you would do it.
Deliver work you’re proud of. Take the time, no, DEMAND the time you need to make your best work, and follow through to completion. Get excited about high-quality and stretch your skills.
However, set expectations and deadlines you know you can crush. You are a powerful creator–so use your powers well.
While sometimes our work is “just a job”, we attempt to bring personal meaning and value to everything we can in our own authentic way. Deeper process can only occur when people have the courage to declare what they believe in, and bring their vulnerability and creativity to the table. Likewise, remember that everyone else is bringing their own unique vulnerability to the table too, and if you listen closely, you might find an opportunity to encourage a cohort or client to bring a deeper version of themselves.
Here are a few things that define how we work:
We generally prefer a deeper involvement with and understanding of the people we work with.
Most of us are artists of some kind (including but not limited to stage actors, tango dancers, electronic musicians and songwriters).
We believe all lives are precious - yours and ours - so let's be honest with each other, and strive to create something wonderful or nothing at all.
Making money helps us take care of ourselves; helping you make money helps you take care of yourself. Business and life are not separate.
We take care of our clients - our clients take care of us.
The work you do has magic in it - so should your digital experience.

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