Note from Jonas Goslow:
I worked with ModCloth for 4+ years serving both as a contractor representing Lyra and as full-time staff.  I was Head of Experience Design (XD) From early 2018 through mid 2019 and I built UX from the ground-up, led and managed the SEO team in 2017, served as an Experience Lead and Senior Software Engineer from 2016-2018, and was the principle front-end Experience Engineer and Interactive Experience Lead for Marketing from 2014-2016, including implementing and managing the acquisition tracking funnel. 
Needless to say, I was involved in almost every aspect of the company. I love to say that I never would have gone full-time at ModCloth if it weren't a company with values I truly believed in (and great people!) - the world needs more companies like it. 
Explore my journey with ModCloth below, in reverse chronological order.
Head of Experience Design (UX)
From Jan 2018 until April 2019, I built Experience Design (UX) at ModCloth from the ground up.  I worked with a previous ModCloth employee and designer, Sarah Wohl, to define an authentic vision of what UX could be at ModCloth. To learn a bit about my approach to UX, take a look at the Approach > UX. I find tremendous joy in the thoughtfulness and science that goes into a solid UX approach. For me, User Experience is the closest thing to storytelling and creating theater in the web space - happy to talk more about this anytime.  
Ideation & Design Innovation:
2019 Visioning - Mobile, Stores & Customer Care
This project began with three ideations - one with the customer care team on the Future of Care, one with the stores team on the Future of Retail, and one with executives and product around our next vision of mobile. I led the first two ideations personally (links above), and working with the UX Designer Elizabeth Hummert we designed a vision of how ModCloth could leverage mobile to be an innovator in the digital and retail spaces.
Ideation was guided through the lens of our company and team values, and the ideas and research gathered during our ideation sessions were combined to tell two stories: one of a day in the life of a ModCloth customer (on her phone), and another about a shopper making an appointment at the store (with the bonus of tools for their stylist as well). 
See the Mobile Vision Presentation
(Slides 21-28, 39-40 by Elizabeth Hummert)

2018 Visioning - Outfitter & other ideation
Very few companies are poised with the right product and community to support an interactive digital product as dynamic as an outfitter.  Every Clueless fan's dream is to wake up and build their outfit from a digital interface, and ModCloth, in particular, is poised to make that dream a reality (if they would only). Ultimately, this was a side-project for me, and unfortunately, the product has not been built or tested as of yet.

In addition, I explored how we might extend those outfits using a 3d image capture parter named Fyusion (see demo), and leverage the outfits themselves using a small outfit discover app called Shake up your Closet (props to Kara Skrip for the idea). Lastly, I built out an idea for a Personalized Account Dashboard that could even take the place of a homepage for logged-in customers and hopefully empower them to customize their experience and engagement to meet their own taste.

UI Design
2018 Rebrand
Mid-2018, ModCloth worked with an agency to create a new logo, color palette, and overall look and feel for the brand.  The new logo (in particular) necessitated a refresh of some of our global storefront user interface.  Below are some of the design iterations and ideas that came out of that process.
Rebrand, Innovation (Outfitter), Hackathon - MORE TO COME
Senior Software Engineer
& Head of SEO
Salesforce Transition, Tealium, Analytics, SEO, Storefront - MORE TO COME
Experience Engineer &
Interactive Experience Lead
Gift Guide, #FashionTruth, Galentine, Blog, Workfront - MORE TO COME
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